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Boing Boing, ‘Music Appreciation: Global Bass’ [Read]

Steven Aguiar October 20, 2012 Moombahton, Reads No Comments

From A Tribe Called Red to Afrika Bambaataa to Toy Selectah, Marcus Boon over at Boing Boing put together a great primer of the global bass scene. An excerpt from his closing paragraph, about moombahton, below:

Moombahton is clear evidence of a new economic landscape for music in which the purchasing of sound recordings is almost non-existent, participation in the production of sounds is increasingly global, and money is made principally at parties and other live events, or, for the lucky/weatlhy few, the outsourcing of subcultural sounds to advertising, the film industry and what is left of the mainstream pop music world. Moombahton is sometimes derided for what sound like “lowest common denominator” beats, but the apparent simplicity makes possible a new kind of sonic populism, somewhat akin to social media, where anyone might contribute the next new sound, and where the local engages the global, the emergent engages the dominant in highly unpredictable and transformative ways.[Read More]

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